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party trays

full-size trays are 16"/18" and are recommended for about 15-20 people.

small trays are 12" round and serve about 8-10 people.


price per tray: size small

sharp cheddar, blue, french brie, swiss, plus grapes, strawberries, and melon (fruit selection may vary with season), crackers, dijon mustard.
cheese only or fruit only – deduct $20 from full-size fruit and cheese price

abundant selection of seasonal vegetables with 5 tangy dips

full-size: 2 pints of our great freshly made spicy guacamole, 1 pint salsa, and 2 lbs. of tortilla chips

full-size: 1 pint of our great spicy hummus made from sesame tahini, chick peas and garlic, plus 1 pint of our spinach & feta hummus, served with a bountiful supply of cut-up fresh pita

a large sampling from each of the above three trays: hummus, guacamole/salsa, and vegetable crudites

parmesan wings, mini beef satay, salmon stuffed cucumbers, fresh mozzarella and tomato in pesto sauce, and mini-crab cakes with remoulade
(sub vegan wings and/or vegan chicken satay)

three delicious spreads: mushroom and cheese; sundried tomato, basil and garlic; and tapenade with black olives and anchovy, with an abundant supply of toast points

full size: 30 wings with array of seasonal vegetables, served with buffalo and bbq sauces along with ranch dressing
(sub vegan wings for +$5)


potato chips, pretzel nuggets or cheese goldfish $6/lb.
bar snack mix $7/lb.


variety of fillings, meat and vegetarian options available, 4-6 full servings/quiche $20

deli platters

three popular types include bread cole slaw, pickles, lettuce and sliced tomatoes


price per platter: size small

with fresh roast turkey breast, provolone, roast beef, corned beef and baked ham.

with fresh roast turkey breast, provolone, swiss, our own chicken salad and tuna salad.

selection #1 and #2 come with the following breads: country white, multigrain, rye, kaiser and italian rolls and wheat herb ciabatta as well as mustard and mayonnaise.

with roasted peppers, grilled vegetables, cheddar and brie, hummus and baba ghanouj, spinach and whole wheat tortillas, pita, multigrain bread.

baked goods


price per tray: size small

assortment of fresh-baked items, which generally include fresh baked scones, bagels, danish, assorted muffins, croissants; butter, cream cheese and jam included. forty pieces on a full-size tray plus fresh seasonal fruit salad.

generally includes sesame, cinnamon raisin, french toast, blueberry, spinach, and everything bagels with two types of cream cheese, butter, jam … large tray has twenty whole sliced bagels, cut into halves.

a variety of homebaked cookies, plus chocolate walnut brownies. forty pieces on a full-size tray.

an assortment of forty small servings of the desserts of the day (selections change seasonally), plus chocolate-covered strawberries.

(48 hours notice needed)
sheet cakes can be arranged
please inquire for details


10 person minimum – includes full coffee-tea service a variety of individual juices (orange, apple, cranberry) plus a selection of fresh baked breakfast pastries (see description under “pastry tray”) plus plain cream cheese and chive cream cheese, fresh seasonal fruit salad.

egg bowl – scrambled eggs, black beans, corn, potatoes, cheddar $7.00/serving
ranchero bowl – scrambled eggs, corn tortilla, topped with our famous ranchero sauce and cheddar cheese $8.00/serving
fresh fruit, yogurt, granola parfait $5.50/serving
smoked salmon with lettuce, tomato, onion, capers $5.50/serving

10 person minimum: plain yogurt with all of these toppings-fillings: granola, dried cranberries, fresh strawberries and other seasonal fruit, chocolate chips, and honey.


10 person minimum – we serve Organic Philly Fair Trade Roasters coffee and decaf, also Stash teas. comes with sugar (and sugar variations), lemons, cream, cups, stirrers, napkins.

10 person minimum

individual cans of coke, diet coke, 7-up, diet 7, ginger ale, root beer $1.50 each
2 liter – coke, diet coke, 7-up, diet 7, ginger ale, root beer $6.00 each
evian (11 oz.), san pelligrino (9 oz.) $1.75 each
poland spring (8 oz.) $1.25 each
poland spring (16 oz.) $1.75 each
real fruit seltzer
lemon, grapefruit, or other similar flavors
$2.00 each
deer park (gallon) $6.00 each
honest / nantucket nectars (variety of flavors)
(ice tea, half & half, diet ice tea, orange mango, pomegranate, white peach, raspberry)
$2.50 each
snapples (iced lemon tea, diet iced tea, lemonade) $2.50 each
oj, cranberry, apple (10 oz.) $1.75 each
sweet iced tea, lemonade, fruit punch, apple cider (half-gallon) $6.00 each
orange juice $4.00 each
orange juice (32 oz carafe) $13.00 each
grapefruit $5.00 each
beet belmont
(beet, cucumber, orange, carrot, lemon, celery)
$5.00 each
farmhouse green
(cucumber, fuji apple, kale, celery, lemon, italian parsley)
$5.00 each
big green
(granny smith apple, pear, broccoli, lemon, ginger)
$5.00 each

mini sandwiches

bite size, most with lettuce and tomatoes.
minimum order is one dozen of any one type.

ham & provolone on an italian roll

tuna salad on kaiser

chicken salad with grapes on whole wheat

roast turkey on country white

grilled portobello and roasted peppers on ciabatta

grilled chicken breast with honey-mustard on kaiser

southwest chicken wrap, with peppers, black beans and jack cheese in a whole wheat tortilla

roast beef w/cheddar, caramelized onions on croissant chicken caesar wrap in a whole wheat tortilla

turkey, apple, brie - turkey breast, grilled apple, brie, mixed greens, honey mustard on artisan bread

fried green tomato - savory fried green tomato, turkey bacon and mixed greens with homemade remoulade on country white
(sub vegan bacon)

chicken caprese - grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, tomato, homemade pesto on artisan bread

hummus, avocado and cucumber in spinach tortilla (vn)

falafel wrap in a whole wheat tortilla with cucumber and a tofu sauce (vn)

bbq seitan wrap with peppers, onions and black beans in a whole wheat tortilla (vn)

tlt - smoked tempeh, lettuce, tomato, and veganese on vegan multigrain (vn)

tlt with vegan chick'n - our tlt with marinated vegan chick'n (vn)

portobello cheesesteak wrap - sauteed portobello and onions with melted vegan cheese and veganese in a spinach tortilla wrap (vn)

tempeh reuben - smoked tempeh, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and russian dressing on rye toast (vtn, vn)
(sub with vegan bread, cheese and dressing)

vn = vegan, vtn = vegetarian


chicken salad$7/lb.

tuna salad$6/lb.

selection can vary, but regular choices include:

greek (with black olives, feta, onion, cucumber, chick peas, tomato) $7.50/lb.
pasta salad (vegan) $7.50/lb.
potato salad or cole slaw $6.50/lb.
fresh fruit salad (vegan) $7.50/lb.

(one “40 oz. bowl” = 4 small, 2 full servings)

tossed salad (green leaf lettuce, shredded carrots, tomato, radishes, cucumbers) $6.50/bowl
caesar salad (romaine lettuce, our own croutons, parmesan cheese) $8.50/bowl
mediterranean salad (romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives, and feta cheese with a scoop of our homemade hummus) $9.50/bowl
modena salad (mixed greens, blue cheese, dried cranberries, glazed walnuts, balsamic dressing) $9.50/bowl
spinach quinoa salad (spinach, quinoa, carrots, cucumber, edamame, oranges, toasted almond in a citrus agave dressing) $9.50/bowl
chef's salad with sliced roast beef, ham, turkey and provolone cheese with french dressing $9.50/bowl

available dressings: ranch, russian, bleu cheese

add grilled chicken to any salad above$4.00

box lunches

all ready to eat! beverages not included.

your choice of a full-size sandwich – refer to “group a” list of mini-sandwiches. additional cheese .50.

comes with our own pasta salad, fresh fruit salad, fresh baked cookie

your choice of a full-size sandwich – refer to “group b” list of mini-sandwiches. additional cheese .50.

comes with our own pasta salad, fresh fruit salad, fresh baked cookie

your choice of a full-size sandwich – refer to “group c” list of mini-sandwiches. additional cheese .50.

comes with our own pasta salad, fresh fruit salad, fresh baked cookie

your choice of a full-size sandwich – refer to “group v” list of mini-sandwiches. additional cheese .50.

comes with our own pasta salad, fresh fruit salad, fresh baked cookie

with our famous caesar salad. comes with fresh fruit salad, homemade roll/butter, fresh baked cookie.

your choice of tossed or caesar salad. comes with fresh fruit salad, homemade roll/butter, fresh baked cookie.

add chicken to any salad for $4

spinach quinoa, mediterranean, or modena salad (more description under "leafy" salads, above), roll/butter, fresh baked cookie.

add chicken to any salad for $4

comes with fresh fruit salad, homemade roll/butter, fresh baked cookie.

full-size sandwich, chips, apple or orange.

popular buffets

seven great varieties! minimum 10 people for any one complete selection. hot buffet food will arrive hot; we can also set up basic chafing dishes for $1 pp. additional. tablecloth included.

assortment of mini-sandwiches, with three prepared salads of your choice, potato chips, plus cookies and brownies.

pieces of grilled, bbq and fried chicken (with salsa mayonnaise and honey-mustard sauces), caesar salad, potato salad, fresh fruit salad, rolls and butter plus mini-desserts.

five of our great hot sandwiches, pre-made in a small “slider” version: turkey, beef and black bean burgers, plus pulled pork and rueben. condiments and cheddar cheese on the side. served with three prepared salads of your choice, plus cookies and brownies.

three hot items, normally including a composed dish such as vegetable lasagna or eggplant parmesan, plus penne/fettuccine alfredo (cream sauce) and spaghetti with beef meatballs and red sauce. with caesar salad, garlic bread, fresh fruit salad and mini-desserts.

mini barbecue seitan wraps, hummus, pita, antipasto of grilled vegetables with a selection of cheeses (cheddar, swiss, brie), falafel balls with tofu mint sauce, green salad, mini-desserts.

make-your-own tacos/tortillas with chicken, beef, vegetable fillings, rice, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, jack cheese, tossed salad, fresh fruit salad, and cookies and brownies.

spicy pork "bul go gi", chicken and chinese broccoli, stir fry vegetables and noodles, with white or egg fried rice. dessert - red bean cookies or chocolate moon pies.


sub any of the following vegan/gluten free items on our menu (add on/sides)

vegan cheddar cheese +$2.00
vegan cream cheese +$1.00
veganese +$1.00
vegan bacon +$2.50
vegan chicken +$4.00
vegan multigrain + $2.00
vegan philly english muffin + $2.00
gluten free bread + $2.50


*the fine print

  1. delivery person must be able easily to enter your location.
  2. not responsible for clean up/trash disposal.
  3. prices subject to change.
  4. orders must be placed by 12pm (noon) on the day before the event.
  5. normal delivery hours: 8am - 5pm m - f. orders placed late or orders outside of normal delivery times if accommodated, subject to additional fee. free delivery for local orders of $100 or more, a delivery charge of $7.50 will apply to smaller orders.
  6. hot food does not come with chafing dish unless ordered for additional charge ($10/each)
  7. additional food, services, supplies are available: ask for our extensive list!
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