Brunch Menu

Menus may vary between locations.


served with a side of fries or tossed salad, gluten-free bread;
(substitute caesar salad; add on sautéed spinach, avocado)

Hummus Plate

served with tomato, cucumber, olives and grilled pita

Parmesan Chicken Wings

served with ranch and hot sauce

Vegan Chicken Wings

crispy seitan, tossed with barbeque or buffalo sauce



mesclun greens, tomato, cucumber, carrots with house vinaigrette


mixed greens, carrot, cranberry, red onion, glazed walnuts, apple and bleu cheese with balsamic vinaigrette


romaine, tomato, cucumber, olives, red onion and feta topped with hummus


romaine, croutons, parmesan with caesar dressing

Spinach Quinoa

spinach, cucumber, red onion, tomato, carrot, edamame, toasted almond, orange with raspberry vinaigrette

add to any salad:
grilled salmon
grilled shrimp
grilled chicken
grilled salad

Spinach Quinoa Salad


Bi Bim Bap

korean mixed rice bowl with sautéed seasonal vegetables and bean sprout stopped with one egg sunny-side up and homemade spicy gochujang or scallion-sesame soy sauce

sub tofu for egg
sub vegan egg
add ground beef

Add On & Sides

Breakfast Meat

bacon, turkey bacon, canadian bacon, sausage, turkey sausage, chorizo

Vegan Meat

vegan sausage, vegan tempeh bacon, vegan scrapple (ask for availability)

Fries / Breakfast Potatoes


Chipotle Cheese Fries


Two Eggs


Sautéed Spinach & Garlic




Black Bean Corn Salsa & Chips


Sautéed Vegetables


Grilled Chicken


BBQ Seitan



american, cheddar, provolone, swiss, or blue cheese, brie, feta, cheese sauce

Vegan Cheese


Bagels / Plain Croissants


Vegan Multigrain & Philly Muffins


Gluten Free Bread

Sandwiches & Wraps

served with a side of fries or tossed salad, gluten-free bread
(substitute caesar salad; add on sautéed spinach, avocado)

Pulled Pork

slow roasted with a BBQ rub on a country bun


corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss, russian dressing on rye

Turkey Apple Brie

turkey breast, grilled apple, brie, mixed greens, honey mustard on long french roll

Chicken Caprese Sandwich

grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, tomato, and homemade pesto on artisan bread

Southwest Chicken Wrap

southwest vegetable mix of pepper, onion, and black bean with cheddar cheese and sour cream

Chicken Caesar Wrap

romaine, parmesan, and caesar dressing in a wheat wrap

Grilled Chicken Club

bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo on a country white

Crispy Fish Sandwich

fried tilapia, lettuce, tomato, with tartar sauce on a toasted kaiser roll

BBQ Seitan Wrap

peppers, onion, black beans in a wheat wrap

Tempeh Reuben

smoked tempeh, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and russian dressing on rye


smoked tempeh, lettuce, tomato, vegan mayo on toasted vegan multigrain

Hummus Avocado Wrap

baby spinach, tomato, cucumber in a spinach wrap

Falafel Wrap

cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and lemon-tofu sauce in a spinach wrap

Vegan Club

crispy buffalo seitan, vegan bacon, lettuce, tomato, and vegan mayo on country white

Vegan Chicken Sandwich

crispy buffalo seitan, vegan bacon, lettuce, tomato, and vegan mayo on kaiser (also in a wrap)

Vegan Club with Fries


lettuce, tomato, onion on a country bun; served with a pickle and a side of fries or tossed salad

Hand Formed Beef Burger


Turkey Burger


Home-Made Black Bean Burger


Home-Made Salmon Burger

with Green Goddess Dressing

american, cheddar, provolone, swiss;
fried onion, mushroom;
feta, brie, bleu cheese, bacon, sautéed spinach;

Turkey Burger


served with a side of fries or tossed salad (substitute caesar salad; add on avocado; gluten-free bread)



Chicken Salad Sandwich

red grapes, lettuce and tomato on multigrain

Grilled Cheese

american, provolone, & cheddar on country white